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One Minor Surgery, Two Lives Changed Forever

One Minor Surgery, Two Lives Changed Forever

Preventing overpopulation is the primary objective of our efforts to trap, neuter and release (also known as TNR) the feral cats in our area, but the surgery often comes with other positive side effects. Jack and Meow Meow are two cats whose neuter surgeries changed their lives in a way even we did not expect.

Jack and Meow Meow are both feral cats who are cared for by a generous homeowner and friend of ARMV. She welcomes them to enjoy her porch, her food, and the feral cat shelter she created. When they first started coming around, they could not stand each other. Every time they caught sight of one another there was a huge battle. ARMV was able to catch both cats in our humane traps and get them in to one of our clinics to be neutered and vaccinated before releasing them again. According to their caretaker, the surgery was a turning point in the relationship between the two boys.

“They are now BEST FRIENDS and they don’t leave each other’s side,” she says. “They sleep on the same blanket, go to the bathroom together, eat together, and go for walks together. It’s unbelievable!”

Jack and Meow Meow are just one example of the profound impact that this simple procedure can have, even for those cats who can never live inside a home with humans. If you know of a feral cat in the Merrimack Valley area that is not “fixed”, or who is pregnant, please contact us HERE and we will do our best to assist. To support our efforts to prevent overpopulation and the spread of illness, please consider making a donation HERE.