Fostering FAQ’s

How long will I have my foster cat?

We ask that our fosters commit to providing a home until their foster buddy is adopted. For feral kittens, the average stay is around two months (they get adopted quickly!) and usually longer for adult cats. We do sometimes have a few open spaces to house foster cats at our Petco partner locations.

What if my foster cat gets sick or injured?

ARMV pays for all medical care for foster cats. Let us know and we will direct you to one of our partner veterinary hospitals where you can bring your foster cat. You will not be charged.

What do I pay for?

Just food and kitty litter!

What else might I need to do as a foster?

If necessary, we may ask you to bring the animal to be spayed/neutered, or for routine vaccinations and tests. Our spay/neuter clinic is in Londonderry, NH and our partner veterinary hospital is in Bradford, MA. We can usually arrange to have your foster picked up and dropped off to you instead, if you are unable to bring them.

Do I need anything special for my foster cat?

Just a separate room (like a bathroom or spare room) for them to stay in with no places for them to hide from you, a litter box and food/water bowls. If given the opportunity to hide, most cats will, which will make it difficult for you to begin socializing and getting to know them.

Can my foster cat play with my other pets?

We ask that you keep your foster animal in a separate room where it can become accustomed to the sounds and smells of your home without the additional stress of other animals.

What if I start fostering and I decide it isn’t working out?

We welcome our potential fosters to ask us as many questions as they can prior to making the commitment to foster, so that you know exactly what to expect. Still, if you do at some point determine in the process that fostering is not for you, let us know. You may need to keep the cat a few more days while we make other arrangements.

I know someone who would be a great foster. How do I share this page?

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