Queso (previously Henry) is loving life! He sings to me every day and I can’t believe how much he’s grown in over 2 months!


Hello! I wanted to pass along that Sabrina is doing quite well and adjusted to her new home.

She has claimed all of my upstairs rooms as her own!

Still a little unsure about the main floor, but I figure that will come in time.

Thanks again!



<3 Jenny <3

Mitsu, (formerly Jenny) is doing really well!

She hid for a few hours when we first got home, but, by Sunday evening she was investigating the whole house.

Now shes really comfortable here. She’s eating and drinking well and using the cat box without problem.

She’s super sweet and immediately took to the kids.




Dorian is doing great, getting lots of love, toys, and treats. He is getting more attention than I think he knows what to do with, ha ha. Dorian is adjusting very well.

Thank you again for all of your hel generic propecia

p. He brings so much joy […]


Milo is living the “rough life”…LOL

He is a great hunter….no flies in our house…he catches everyone! He still follows me everywhere and I love it! He has definitely made this his home and we couldn’t be happier

He is such a gorgeous kitten and he is spoiled because he is just so darn cute! […]