Interested in adoption? Whether you’ve fallen in love with one of our kitties or are just looking, submitting an application is the first step to getting approved to adopt!



A few things to know:

  • All ARMV adoptees must remain indoor cats, unless specifically noted.
  • Whenever possible, we prefer to adopt kittens in pairs. Kittens who grow up with a buddy are less likely to develop behavioral issues, which makes them less likely to someday be returned to a shelter. (We do make special considerations for homes that already have a cat, or the human is retired or works from home.)
  • If you rent, we will need approval from your landlord.
  • Our cats and kittens are all spayed/neutered, microchipped, and up to date with age-appropriate vaccines. The adoption fee for adult cats is $125 and $200 for kittens.